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Why You Need To Start Pruning Your Trees



Trees not only provide oxygen to us but also add great value to the landscape. They add to the beauty of a property and also provide a home for animals. Pruning is vital for proper care of trees. Pruning is important in for safety of the people A dead branch can fall at any time causing danger to the people, power lines and buildings. This is why it is important to get rid of dangerous limbs. It is dangerous to do pruning by yourself depending on the size and location of the tree if you are not sure how to do it call an expert for guidance. This guide provides that importance and benefits of tree pruning.


First, for a tree to grow well, proper pruning is vital. This is to ensure progressive growth of branches and limbs. Pruning ensures there is proper weight distribution reducing the risk of branches falling. It improves the look of a tree and makes it grow in the desired structure. Many people prune trees during fall or winter. During this time, trees are less prone to any damage. Trees also get affected by stress just like any other creature. Trees are dormant during this seasons.  Less sap is lost and insects and fungus don't cause more damage to trees. There are different approaches used to trim different trees, what works for one tree might not work well for another. If you are not sure what tree pruning Santa Clara technique to use, you can contact a certified arborist for professional advice.


Make sure you don't prune too much off a tree. Ensure you don't prune more than a quarter of the crown. This is because most leaves are located there and the tree gets most of its energy from the crown. Excessive damage and slow growth of trees can be a result of excessive pruning. To save trees as well as money, ensure you prune dead or infested branches. You can prune overgrown parts more aggressively to promote new growth. It is important to get rid of tree branches that are close to your home. This is because if they break especially during winter, they can causes serious damage to your property.


Also, tree removal Santa Clara is essential to improve pedestrian flow and traffic. Extended branches can blind ones vision making walking and biking difficult at the sidewalks. Weak limbs can break causing damage to passersby. It can be hard for drivers to notice traffic signs when overgrown tree limbs block them. This can cause traffic and in some cases accidents.  More significantly, tree pruning reduces the likelihood of leave diseases by increasing the amount of air that flows through the canopy. For grass and shrubs to keep growing, pruning has to be done. Their growth gets limited by large trees that provide excessive shade. Remember that different trees are pruned using different methods, consult first to avoid causing damage to the tree.